Friday 22 February 2013

Don't miss some super workshops at 2Inspire Network Ladies Day March 9th 2013

Full listing of workshops - Register here:

For access to all workshops a one off payment of £5 is essential, please make payment via workshop admission link and then highlight the workshops you would like to attend.

11am-12pm How to turn your passion to money
Facilitated by Tobi Ayowemi of Passion to
A workshop that will provide strategies on how individuals can start and market their business and achieve fulfilment and work life balance. It will introduce ways that attendees can fit a business around their family lives.

12.15pm-1pm Get Healthy, Stay Balanced
Facilitated by Bisi of Safe & Sound Food Solutions
A workshop that will educate on the long term effects of an improper diet on the the body and how the body can self heal if nourished with the right foods.

1.15pm-1.45pm The world of Journalism, a magazine editors insight
Facilitated by Vernia Mengot of Lime Magazine
A workshop that will educate on the magazine industry, how to get in, how to build contacts, taking opportunities and making sacrifices.

2pm-2.45pm Hairloss, Health, Holistic Hair Care
Facilitated by Annette Headley of Almocado
A workshop that aims to raise awareness about the importance of holistic approaches to hair care and general well being. To help those dealing with hair loss to find ways that may lead to recovery.

3pm-4pm Slippers to Heels
Faciliated by Carol Stewart of Abounding Solutions
A workshop that aims to educate on what causes low confidence and teach how to challenge limiting self beliefs and techniques to improve self - confidence

4.15pm-5pm Transform your life
Facilitated by: Usha Penumuchi of Dare To Dream
A workshop that looks at examining an individuals potential providing guidance on how to work through goals and how they can identify who they are, what they want and where they want to be

5.15pm-6pm How to improve your child's academic attainment
Facilitated by Neil Mayers of Raising Black Achievement
A workshop that raises awareness and provides practical strategies to improve a child's academic attainment and introduce resources that can assist.

A make-up artists beauty secrets facilitated by Mr Gorgeous of Gorgeousology
A drop-in consultation to get beauty tips from an industry expert.

Dress for Success facilitated by Omi Api Consultancy
A drop-in consultation which will raise awareness of the effect of clothing on a person's success in business and personal life

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