Monday 23 June 2014

2Inspire Network Profile on Shine ALOUD UK, a youth owned and youth led sexual health awareness enterprise

Shine ALOUD UK is a youth owned and youth led sexual health awareness enterprise that aims to educate, entertain and empower young people aged 15 - 24. Through producing a quarterly publication, videos and running workshops and events, Shine ALOUD UK aims to equip youth with the necessary tools to confidently and comfortably negotiate their sexuality. 

Why are we different?
The enterprise is original and unique as it represents the voices of young people and provides them with the opportunity to learn about sex and relationships on a personal level where they can indulge in an online magazine, workshops and videos. But more so original and unique as it is combines the likes of arts and culture thereby appealing to the interests of our target audience as well as providing worthwhile media opportunities to allow young people to expand their creativity.
As a young person I felt there was no literature available that was engaging in regards to sexual health, all the magazine that were available were dominated by beauty, celebrities and fashion. I wanted to create something that was different and allowed young people to be empowered about sexuality as well as represented positively.

What feedback have we received?
All of the feedback we receive from young peoples and our readers we take on board to improve our enterprise. We were told that our magazine would be more appealing in a physical form so we produced the first issue in February which we circulated to 5000 young people in around East London at Youth Hostels, Colleges, Gum Clinics, Community Centres, Youth Centres, Arts Centres and more. Much of the feedback can be found online via , but here are two comments:
 “Shine Aloud has the ability to communicate with young people on a simple but effective way featuring articles that are true for those reading them. Quite often we read articles written about people who have not experienced what they are writing about so they don’t know how to talk to the reader, or relate to the reader. Shine Aloud has been a great service East London community and I hope that more people will read it and get more from it. By Verity Nelson

“What separates Shine ALOUD to other platforms in my opinion is its engagement with the youths and adults of our day; it is often surprising to hear what we have to say about our knowledge or thoughts and opinions within these topics. Controversial questions such as “Can friends date, their ex’s?” are questions that can often bring us together in debating in a productive manner, and in fact it is always interesting to hear what a majority of people have to say with regards to these topics. This is a magazine that will always be needed in our local community, schools, colleges and etc.” By Ruben Ferreira

Our current team
At the moment, Shine ALOUD works with a range of freelance writers, photographers and graphic designers which we are EXTREMELY grateful for, however we are determined to recruit and hire a team of young people to manage all of our activity, everything from editing the online site to promoting our campaigns, to contacting youth provisions and organising interviews. We are determined to allow young people to have an active role in the company by allow them to take and make work for themselves.

Moving forward
In the future we hope to produce a publication regionally across the country, in addition to maintaining a virtual online website. Secondly, we hope to deliver sexual health awareness workshops across youth provisions and in and around the community. And lastly, we hope to embark on cultural exchanges with young people overseas, providing education to those who most need it across the globe.

We hope you can support us on our mission by donating to our current Crowd funding Campaign titled: The Sexual Empowerment of Young People!
For more information follow and like us via @ShineALOUD
Shine ALOUD: Sex & Relationships with a different tone!

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