Tuesday 10 June 2014

2Inspire Network Profile: Author Molly Gambiza

In this profile interview we meet Molly Gambiza, who has published her second novel "Mistaken Identity", set in Uganda. A book full of twists and turns it's set to be a bestseller across the world we hope! Read more about Molly's journey here and catch her at the 2Inspire Ladies Day on June 28th.

Please tell us what is a typical business day for you?

I wake up at 4:45 in the morning to get ready for work, by 6 a.m. I’m waiting for the bus. That journey always provides some sort of inspiration for my stories. By 7 I’m booking on duty and at 7, 12 hours later I’m signing off for the day. In between however with what moments I do get on breaks I write or read. I’m a receptionist in a very busy building so I relish any chance I get to jot down a few notes.

What made you start the business and what steps did you take to start operating as a business?

My passion for books started from an early age when I was still at primary school where you would find at least twenty pairs of eyes sharing one book. There weren’t enough books to go around so we were told to put our heads together and share my desire to create more books was born during that time. It wasn’t until after reading Flowers in the attic by Virginia Andrews some decades later, that I wrote my first novel True colours and soon after that my second novel Mistaken Identity.

My Sons encouraged me to turn to Self-Publishing and I sought to republish my 2nd Novel Mistaken Identity. I wanted to have more control over my books and how they would be published and advertised. So at the beginning of the year I registered my company ‘Through My Pen LTD’ with company House, and here I am today.

What would you say has been your greatest accomplishment in the business world to date?

Having Mistaken Identity re-published and made available in e-book format, the task of which was very meticulous. As a semi computer literate person I had to bring myself up to speed on what tablets and e-books are. I am very proud of the new cover and the journey I’m being taken on with my stories.

What has been your biggest challenge in business so far?
Getting my books into major bookstores has been a struggle, when approaching some of the major stores I was asked “Are you a celebrity” before I was asked my name. I knew the journey would be tough but it’s about how you overcome those challenges that define you.

What are your future plans for the business?
I plan to write more successful novels. I have already finished writing my third novel I am just waiting for the right moment to have it published. I have a few other plans cooking in the lab but all will be revealed soon.

If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently?
I would definitely go with self-publishing from the beginning; I prefer the freedom I have in the publishing and promoting of my work, as a Mother and Wife I’m used to being the boss I guess.

What’s the best compliment you could receive in business?
Being recognised by successful writers like Wilbur Smith, it would be like celebrating my Birthday and Christmas at the same time. My bookshelf has well over 30 titles by him; a “Well done Molly” by him would make my year. He’s one of my major inspirations to keep writing.  

Why is it so important to inspire young women in particular to follow their dreams?
Every young woman has a dream, as a young girl I had a dream to create a better life for myself and my family. I also wanted to be like my sisters who were doing very well so in essence they were my inspiration. It’s important for role models to be there for young Women to help them realise they can accomplish anything in this world and should not feel held back on account of their gender. We live in a World where there’s so much noise and distraction that it makes it harder for our young Women to hear their own voices, at least through my writing I hope to remind Women of that voice.

What advice would you give to somebody who wants to start a business in your industry?
To work hard and to be prepared for ups and downs, it’s not always smooth, to keep pushing until they get the right formula, persistence and perseverance pay. 

What or who inspires you in business and why?
I would say Wilbur Smith, JK Rowling, Tolkein, George R.R Martin, Danielle Steel but above all my Family. My Husband and Children are my driving force in everything that I do and knowing that they are there to support me pushes me to make them proud.

What is your favourite inspirational quote?
The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read. 
Knowledge is power!

Molly Gambiza
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Mistaken Identity Synopsis:

What happens when no-one can tell you or your sister apart?
Many people find it hard to tell Identical twins Denise and Annabella apart. This leads to all sorts of complications, especially with an impending forced marriage to content with…

Set in Uganda, this tale of multiple twists and turns proves that the course of true love never did run smoothly

All aboard for the ride!

Mistaken Identity can be purchased from any bookstore and also from the links below

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