Wednesday 12 December 2012

2Inspire Business Profile: Natasha Cordbin-Stewart Of Eminence Mode

Natasha Corbin-Stewart  was an exhibitor at the Ladies day event in August and has signed up to exhibit at the next Ladies day in March 2013 with her company Eminence Mode. At the event she exhibited her exquisite range of handmade and customised  jewellery. Read this feature on how this budding entrepreneur is juggling her full-time job and running a business.

1/ Please tell us what is a typical business day for you?

I work full time so my typical business day starts at 5pm. During my lunch hour I check my emails and phone messages and respond where I can. When I arrive home after a busy day I do my household chores and grab a bite to eat. I get into creative mode and begin by checking on the web for craft fairs and events I can showcase my items at. I then check all the E-shop pages I sell items on and the social networking pages. If I have any sales I will package them ready for delivery and if I have any messages I respond to them. Once all the admin tasks are out of the way the best part of my day begins. If I have a customer order I will make this a priority to get finished first then I make at least one piece for my collection and photograph it and source the web for new materials and trends.  

2/ What made you start the business and what steps did you take to start operating as a business?

I started the business in April 2009 but back then I was just purchasing jewellery and clothing and selling it. I have always made and customised my own jewellery and clothing since I was a child but never did anything about it but when I started the business my friends and family encouraged me to start selling what I create. To start operating as a business firstly I purchased the domain name and registered the name with Companies House. I spoke to friends who have businesses and got their opinions and knowledge; I also went on the web to do my own research and started off from there learning more and more as I went along.

3/ What would you say has been your greatest accomplishment in the business world to date?

My biggest accomplishment is learning how to do things for myself without having to rely on others these are things such as web design, updating the site, flyer design, social networking pages liaising with suppliers to get the best possible deals and selling to local boutiques in my area and other parts of the country.

4/ What has been your biggest challenge in business so far?

My biggest challenge has been juggling a full time job and retaining a good work and home life balance.

5/What are your future plans for the business?

I don't really have any plans as such because I love making jewellery and would not relinquish doing it for the world.  Making jewellery is one of my passions and a great hobby that gives me the opportunity to earn an extra income. I do feel scared that if it was a full time job my passion for making and creating would not be the same so for me going with the flow is my best way forward, however if opportunities arise I will grab them with both hands to see how far they take me.

6/If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently?

I would be more business minded because as a creative person I did not focus on the business side of things and thought that I could just create good pieces and everything else would fall into place. Unfortunately this is not the case because for your business to succeed you have to understand how business works, realise the potential of your business and be strong enough to cope with the good and bad side of business.

7/ What’s the best compliment you could receive in business?

People wearing and talking about my designs is the best compliment I could ever receive as it makes me feel that the time and energy I have put into a piece is being acknowledged and appreciated.

8/ What advice would you give to somebody who wants to start a business in your industry?

If you love what you do, keep on doing it and don't let know one discourage you or try to belittle what you are passionate about. I’ve designed many items and felt proud of myself but then seen it somewhere else in a different shape or form, don’t let this deter you. I always think long and hard and ask myself “why I want to continue making jewellery” The answer is not that I want to become rich and famous, it’s because I love creating jewellery and I’m proud to show off my creations and if someone wants to buy a piece then that’s a blessing.  

I found this article on online and it has helped me to stay strong, focus and not be disheartened about seeing my work elsewhere, if anything it has encouraged me to up my game and stick with it:

The Article
“Jewellery has been around almost as long as humans. What design do you see today that has not already been done? If you think you have something unique, it’s probably because you don’t get out much, change your thoughts. Nobody owns a process if different materials and beads are used then it’s not the same it’s similar there is a big difference that’s like saying someone can’t use denim or feathers because you use them, let’s be honest…how many ways are there to string a necklace? How many ways are there to wrap an earring, wire or attach a pendant? Of course there are wonderfully unusual items out there, but in each one you’ll ALWAYS find at least one thing you’ve seen somewhere else.
Just relax and design to your heart’s content. Every minute you waste worrying is a minute you could have spent being happy and doing what you love.


9/What or who inspires you in business and why?

My friends who have their own business really inspire me because they love what they do; they have the passion and drive that takes them from strength to strength it’s honestly magical to see them working hard and achieving their goals. It also gives me the aspiration to drive forward with my business ideas and believe in myself.

10/What is your favourite inspirational quote?
I have two:

Be confident. Too many days are wasted comparing ourselves to others and wishing to be something we aren’t. Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses, and it is only when you accept everything you are and aren’t that you will be truly happy within and succeed in all you so.

Eminence Mode Quote

“The beauty of a woman is NOT just about the clothes she wears or the killer heels she has on her feet. The true beauty of a woman is seen in the way she brings together her jewellery and accessories to give any outfit that unique style”

To obtain more information on eminence mode:


Telephone: 07515 380 451

Twitter: @eminence_mode

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