Thursday 25 June 2015

Guest Blog: 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Social Media For Your Business!

Written by +Ronke Lawal

It still surprises me that some small business owners are still not using social media to its maximum potential as part of their business marketing mix. It has actually become quite tiresome to hear some dismiss social media as a "waste of time".

Here are just a few reasons why you should be using social media to market your business and your brand.

Reason 1: Most social media platforms are FREE. Even though I'm not an advocate of just signing up tosomething because it's free the very fact that social media is pretty much given to us for FREE is reason enough for any small business owner to sign up to twitterFacebookLinkedInPinterest etc. There are costs associated for advertising of course but it's worth paying for marketing...just in case I haven't mentioned this enough before. 

Reason 2: Social Media is a great way to reach a global audience. Most social media platforms can be accessed pretty much anywhere across the world, this means that you potentially have access to the entire UNIVERSE to sell to...well maybe not the universe but you catch my drift. You can network with people in countries that you have never even been to and start making international sales. 

Reason 3: You can make friends with benefits! The benefits of social media influence have not been valued enough in my opinion. Just one retweet or share from the right person can make a message go viral/trend within a matter of seconds. Imagine what that can do to your business brand. Get networking, don't be shy, you don't even need to print business cards or wear clothes to get networking on social media (although I recommend that you do both)! 

Reason 4: It is a great source of market research, if you are savvy, smart and swift you can jump on a trending topic and get some coverage for your own business brand. Also by monitoring what is trending or being talked about on social media you can be more flexible and imaginative with how you operate in your own business.

Reason 5: It is a great way to get feedback from your client base, your followers and fans will not only let you know about what they think about your business but they will let the world know. This can be great if you're excellent at what you make sure you are excellent but even if you aren't quite excellent you can learn from feedback and people respond well to great customer service via social media.

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