Friday 7 February 2014

Sponsored Post: Money and You Discovery Programme 2014 - discover your relationship with money


What's Your
Pattern with Money?

Does it come in and go out as fast as it came?

Is it a continuous source of stress to you?

Maybe you're constantly worried about having enough?

However the pattern shows up in your world, are you just sick and tired of being in that place with money?

Then let's change it!

The Money & You Discovery Programme 2014 is designed to help you do just that.

This 6-week programme you will help you:

- Explore and understand your personal relationship with money

- Challenge your limiting beliefs and change your behaviours around money

- Destroy the dysfunction in your money relationship

- Shift your personal energy dynamic so that you can open to receiving on all levels

This programme has been designed to help you get maximum benefit from the tools, techniques and energetic processes I'll be sharing, and will include:

- 1 Live 'Money & You' One day workshop
- 4 Weekly Top Up Teleclasses with Homeplay
- 1 'Share Your Success Celebration Call'

The Programme kicks off on Saturday 22nd February 2014 with the one day Money & You workshop, directly followed by your first teleclass the next week. (The calls will be recorded if you're unable to attend).

To help you start making a real change in this crucial area of your life, I have made the investment for the Money and You Discovery Programme as accessible as possible at £97. I know it's worth several times that much, but I want you to be able to take aligned action when an opportunity like this comes your way.

In addition, if you pay in full by 14th February, you will receive the added special bonus of a Private Money & You Coaching Call with me, to look specifically at your personal situation and those all-important next steps.

If you would like to join me on this wonderful adventure and you're ready to take the next step, then click here to book your place.

I would dearly love to work with you and I know what an incredible difference this programme could make in your life - not just to your financial situation, but to your most important relationships. So if you're ready to heal your relationship with money, come and join me.

To ensure a high quality of attention and a deep level of participation, the number for this group is limited to 15. So if you're ready to join me, don't leave it too late.

Wishing you a world of prosperity and possibility,

Kuumba x

Kuumba Nia
The Me Mastery Mentor

P.S. Changing your relationship with money begins when you decide it will. Let that time be now.

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