Thursday 27 February 2014

2Inspire Network Review & Competition: Berry Butter - Shea Butter with a twist

Berry Butter: Shea Butter with a Twist

Although I have had this brand of shea body butter since December, I have only just opened it and have been testing it over the past few weeks.  From the day I was first introduced to this product, I had such high hopes, as it smelt absolutely divine and came highly recommended from a friend.

The product is described by the organisation as:
“Berry Butter introduces a wonderfully fragrant twist to an already flawless moisturizer. Each of our products contains amounts of unrefined (white) Shea butter and is enhanced with intoxicating fragrances that last. Choose from floral and citrus-based fragrances for day - and warm, spicy, or woodsy fragrances for evening. Used on the scalp it promotes strong healthy hair.”
It is available in 4 or 8oz and is priced £8.99 and £11.99. I have a 4oz sized tub of the Cranberry Passion butter, which is described as a blend of winter cranberries and appetizing orange.  Although a little goes a long way, a slightly bigger tub would be preferable, because in a very short space of time my tub is nearly empty. I’m not sure whether this is down to the fact that it smells so beautiful that I  often get a bit carried away with the application or because anybody who comes to my house and gets a whiff of the scent always helps themselves and so in a short space of time, my supply is diminishing. Even the kids love to dip their fingers in it because of the lovely smell.

What I love about the product is that it keeps the skin moist all over all day, even the feet area.  My teenage son who is so against using any products or creams that are even remotely feminine can’t keep his hands off it. The product is smooth and not grainy like some shea butter products and doesn’t take forever and a day to melt in your hand. The only downside for me is that the rich scent deters me from using it on my face as I have very sensitive skin and suffer from allergies and so I am reluctant to try anything I’m not sure about in this area. I also think that the price is a bit high for it to be used as an everyday body cream for the whole family, I know this may sound selfish but when I next stock up I will TRY to keep it as my little treat and hide it from the rest of the clan. Although I love the Cranberry Passion,  I  will definitely experiment and try some of the other scents available which are:

*  Brazilian Gold
*  Moroccan Spice
*  Tango
*  Zanzibar
*  Vanilla Skies
*  Lemon Drop

I highly recommend this product, particularly for those women who don’t like to wear heavy perfumes but love their skin to smell good.

Full range of Berry butter is available at:
The Phoenix Center, 73 Oxford Street
Lower Ground Floor, London W1D 2EP

Distributed by Paris Morgan Ltd

Tel: 07508766146
Twitter: @berrybutteruk
Instagram: @berrybutteruk


For a chance to win a 4 oz & 8 oz  tub of Berry Butter and a cleansing soap in the flavour of your choice, write a catchy phrase/slogan (no more than 1 sentence) expressing why Shea butter is so wonderful!

Email your catchphrase with your full name to Competition ends at 12pm on the 7th March (Only available to UK Residents).

Winner will be announced on the 7th March.

Product review by Hazel Chawapiwa


  1. Congrats to Melanie Dottin on her winning entry

    Shea Shea, wonderful shea, all day long my skin it saves, no need to get worry, no need to hide, it's Shea all the way, I glow with pride!

  2. Here's my enter statement for the comp:

    'Shear butter for sheer radiance'