Monday 4 November 2013

6 Steps to Turning Your Craft into Sales

The 2Inspire Network is dedicated to motivating and educating women in business everywhere, in this guest blog by Jenelle Clifford, founder of Giggling Hedgehogs, we learn how to turn your craft business into a profit making enterprise! 
Everyone dreams of transforming their hobby into their day to day career. Talented individuals are spending every spare minute creating items which are special, individual and unique.

But how do you take that first step towards reaping real financial rewards from your favourite pastime?

Many people turn to the internet to start selling. The online marketplace, Giggling Hedgehogs, was created for people just like you, and is especially designed to offer aspiring designers an easy first step into sales.

Here are six other things which you should bear in mind to make the most of your selling opportunities:

1. Do your research and get feedback
Who do you think is going to buy your products? What sorts of web sites will they be looking at and what is going to make them interested in what you sell. Think of your market and who you are trying to reach. We know you love your items. But you will need to do your research carefully to ensure other people love your products as much as you.

2. Get your pricing right
It’s very easy to over-price your product - but it’s equally easy to under-price it. Again, research other similar types products of products to get a sense of what people will be prepared to pay.

3.  Get insurance
Public and professional indemnity is a must in the event of someone being injured by one of your items. And also ensure that your items fully comply with regulations and British standards to ensure you don’t hit any issues.

4. Create a strong brand and identity
Think carefully about what you want to communicate with your business name and the images you select to identify it. What message do you want to get across? Does it appeal and attract attention in the way you would want it to? Again, get feedback from others to ensure the branding works are much for others as it does for you.

5.  The best possible photography
A picture really does paint a thousand words. Don’t just take a snap with your smart phone. Think about the surroundings, the lighting. Sometimes a plain white background is best. Make sure you get the item from lots of different angles. And use high resolution images to ensure people can see the details. It’s worth investing in the best possible photography and if possible, commissioning a professional photographer.

6.  Experiment to find the best routes to market
There are many different ways of getting your products in front of people. Try a variety of different avenues and web sites, and research what is most relevant and convenient for you.  Online marketplaces like GH are wonderful as they are inexpensive and you receive extensive exposure from sustained marketing and promotional support. It gives you your own shop, and takes the hassle out of selling.

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