Tuesday 8 December 2015

Guest Blog: How To Create a Space That Inspires and Motivates You

By Tim Smith

Your house is your home base and the place where you spend the most of your time. No wonder it’s essential to make it a space that is motivational and pleasant to be. Decorators are often faced with the challenge to create an area that is not only beautiful, but also inspires. Your home should be your sanctuary, so creating nooks that motivate and spark your creativity are essential. There are some simple steps you can take to spruce up your home and feel more confident and inspired within.

First, revamp your home office. If you are someone who works from home, this space is especially important. You’ll want to create a space that sparks your creativity and makes you want to spend time inside. There is nothing more depressing than a utilitarian grey office. Revamp your office with pops of color and inspirational wall art. Make sure you have plenty of workspace so that you aren’t cramped, and invest in organizational tools. Choose an accent color and purchase folders and binders to match. Metallics or bright colors make especially good accents. Be sure to display any awards or achievements in a prominent place. This will keep you focused on your goals and motivated to reach even higher.
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Create a gallery wall in your home to express your personal style. This type of decor has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. Experienced decorators know it’s a foolproof way to create an inspirational space. First collect a few of your favorite things that you feel express your personality the most. You could choose old family photos, letters, dried flowers, an heirloom, a favorite hat, an abstract art piece, or something you collect. Try to get an eclectic mix. Next you will frame each piece using different types of frames. If the item is not a flat paper, you will mount it directly on the wall and surround with a frame. Each frame will be placed on the wall like a puzzle, creating a cluster of treasures representing your personality. You can find tons of tips for creating gallery walls at Modernize.com. The gallery wall will be a favorite spot in your home, and displaying your interests will leave you inspired and confident.

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Use color psychology to create a more motivating space. Every color has a specific mood or effect on your psyche, so by adding in certain colors you can create a more motivating space. For energy, choose yellow. Yellow is a color that excites and grabs attention. If you are someone who has trouble getting up in the morning, incorporate this color into your bedroom. Orange is a nurturing color and would be great included in your children’s play area or in the kitchen. This color warms up any room and makes it feel homey and secure. Green is a color attached to growth and would be best in a place where you feel stuck or stagnant. It is also a favorite of many doctors for it’s calming effects. Blue is a color for comfort and is perfect to create a zen-like oasis within your home. Purple is the color of many royal families and is know to spark creativity. Add a purple shade in your kitchen to inspire more creativity at meal time. Red-orange is the most vibrant of colors and is like a jolt of lightning to any room. Use this shade to encourage activity and excitement.

Incorporate these few ideas into your home and you’ll have an inspired space in no time. 

You’ll be shocked and amazed by your increased productivity and happiness.

Author:  "Tim Smith is a former contractor who writes about home improvement and energy efficiency topics forModernize.com. Tim loves spending time with his family and loves DIY projects."

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