Friday 2 October 2015

The 2inspire Network Blog Celebrates 3 Years of Inspiration With Our Top Ten interviews

October 1st 2015 saw the 3 year anniversary of the 2inspireNetwork blog which has profiled a total of 115 women in business, since its birth in 2012. Inspiring individuals is the core objective of the network and so we endeavour to share messages that make a positive impact in peoples lives. The 2inspire Network blog and the 2inspire Network Youtube channel, are two of the mediums we have used  to do this. Using these two mediums we share interviews with successful women who share their experiences in life, work and business, so as to inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. It really has been a great opportunity for the ladies featured to share their journey, their experiences and their knowledge with the 2inspire Audience and beyond. I say beyond because we have witnessed some of the women featured who have really utilised this opportunity as a marketing platform and have managed to use the interviews to create exposure and opportunities for their business. They continue to promote themselves and their 2inspire interview, after the blog has been published.
We have sifted through the interviews and have listed the top ten most viewed interviews on our blog, since 2012, the highest ranked one has so far had a total of 1082 views to their interview:

Interview Published
Interview Link
Tokie Laotan Brown
28th June 2013
Dhylles Davis
19th August 2015

Toks Aruoture
28th May 2013

Iman Ogoo
5th March 2015

Harriot Pleydell-Bouverie
12th November 2013

Annette Clark -Headley
16th October 2012

Catherine Yaa Arhin
13th April 2013

Remi Akinmoyewa
14th January 2014

Ruta Uleviciute

9th September 2015
Many of these business owners are on this top ten list because they have linked, referred and re-promoted their interview through a number of sources.

So instead of making your 2inspire interview or any other blog interview a one-time blog post, keep it alive! See below some tips and tools to continue the longevity of your interview and get more exposure for your business.

Make use of the various social networking sites: The scope of social networking has multiplied over recent years. Not only can you post your interviews on Facebook and Twitter, but also you can use Linked In and Google Plus.  One of the great aspects of social networking is that it is a constant feed of current activity. What is posted today will be replaced with new content. This means that you can repost your interview more than once. Content posted on a Facebook Fan page is only live on your fan's newsfeed for 24 hours. so post it a few times a year. The constant growth in friends, fans, and followers on your various social networks means that someone new will get a chance to read your interview even if it’s a year or two after the blog interview was first posted.

Some of this social networking promotion can be as simple as tweeting: Have you read my 2inspire interview lately, etc with a link to your interview. If you joined a new social network do not be afraid to post your interview as well. Each social platform will reach a different audience group.

Post multiple Links: Multiple direct links creates greater SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you want to drive traffic (or readers) to your interview, embed the link in relevant and easy to locate sites such as your website or blog.  Whenever you can stick in a direct link, do it! Consider blogging about your interview, or even guest blogging!

Utilise Newsletter space: If you have a digital newsletter that you send out to your database share your interview there so everyone who may not be on my social network sites can get the chance to read your interview.

Email Signatures: Another easy marketing tool to keep your interview active is to have it as a tag in your email signature. Most businesses have a link to their website but why not include your interview too?  
Talk about it: Talk about what you are doing! Being a business owner is part of your lifestyle so tell people what you are doing, show and refer people to your interview. One of the great aspects of a lot of blog interviews is that it provides a unique and personal window into the world of the individual business owner.

Interested in sharing your story on our blog? Email

To mark the anniversary of the blog we will be running a special series of interviews with inspirational men on the 2inspirenetwork blog. We will be showcasing the interviews of inspirational men who are doing some great things in the business world and their local communities. If you know of any that would love to share their story, please get in touch.

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