Thursday 20 November 2014


02 Workshop, a space created just for small businesses, based in Tottenham Court Road in London.

  They have space available to hire for everyday business needs at affordable prices with additional benefits such as free WiFi, Coffee, Tea 
and Water availabe.

Opening hours:
Weekdays: 9am -6pm
Saturdays: 11am-7pm
Sundays: 11am-5pm

Seminar Room

Hotdesking Space


Work Booths
Interested in getting 50% off any of the spaces available for hire? Quote promotional code 2inspire in your email to and we will forward it to the 02 Workshop Manager.

About Workshop

Introducing Workshop, our space created just for small businesses, where you can get away from it all, get together and meet like-minded people.

Think of Workshop as your office away from the office, but with lots of great extras that make getting things done easier and more fun. We’re talking spaces for brainstorming or getting a little quiet time, resident tech experts and regular events to build skills and network.

Whether you’re playing host to clients, catching up with your team or simply need some room to think, Workshop has a variety of spaces to fit the bill, with a top-notch London location that won’t blow the budget.

Workshop adds value to your business not just through tech, but by giving you access to the tools that small businesses need. We host regular events on everything from HR and finance to marketing and social media, plus it’s a great place to connect with people who have the skills you need. If we know someone who can help out with your project we’ll introduce you, and if we don’t we’ll spread the word.

02 Workshop is hosting a number of events for business owners in December.

DiSC profiling - how psychology can help improve your business performance - with Nick Moore
When:  Thursday 5th December 2014
Time:   6pm - 9pm

An estimated 40 million people have been tested using DiSC profiling which determines your preferred behaviour patterns. Business Coach and Psychologist, Nick Moore will give an overview into how DiSC profiling can:
  • help you understand your own behaviour and those in your team
  • show you why you find people frustrating who don’t behave like you
  • teach you how to communicate and work more effectively with everyone

Once you have registered for the event please click here : ps:// and complete the free DiSC profile. 

You will receive a 15 page report which you should print out and bring along to the event.

Becoming an EMPLOYER - the good, the bad and the ugly - with First Stop HR
When:  Thursday 18th December 2014
Time:    6pm - 9pm
Employees play a very crucial role in the growth and overall success of your business but what do you need to do to make this happens?
Becoming an employer; the good, the bad and the ugly is a workshop that has been carefully designed to provide you with information, guidance, hints, tips and trick for:
  • Developing your recruitment strategy
  • Getting employment ready
  • Getting the best from your employees
Autumn All Day Hotdesking
Where:     WORKSHOP - 229 Tottenham Court Road, W1T 7QG
When:      October 15th - December 24th 2014
Time:       9:00am - 6:00pm
Price:       £10+VAT
Includes:  WIFI, printer and free tea and coffee
How:         Drop in to book your hotdesking session

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