Monday 13 October 2014

Please vote for 2inspire Academy to win funding to motivate and inspire young people in Schools

Please vote for 2inspire Academy to get funding to deliver an inspirational and motivational programme titled “Anything is possible” to young people in schools. It is a tour of  secondary schools with a panel of young role models who achieved great things with their life despite adversity. The panel will discuss what they have been through and how they made it. We would particularly like to target years 11, 12 & 13 just before the revision period (study leave) starts at schools so that it will help to motivate the young people to make the best use of this time. 

Please spread the word and show your support by casting your vote on the link below:

Background information on 2inspire Academy:

The 2inspire Academy is a personal development and life skills programme for young men and women aged 16-30 that is run by a committee of young people. It was set up in March 2013 and was formed to help young people focus on what's important for them now and in the future, providing them with access to positive opportunities and role models.

With increasingly limited options, young people have been unable to find genuine opportunities to support their progression and more and more young people are becoming demoralised and disenfranchised. They therefore decided to come together to be part of the solution for their current and future generations and take responsibility for their own development and that of their peers.

Since Their formation they have been able to achieve their aims and objectives by engaging with a range of philanthropic inspirational people and organisations, who share their core values and have helped them to support their growth and development. They have managed to provide them with the necessary advice, guidance, knowledge, education, experience, wisdom and resources to support the development of their various projects with little or no budget at all. Organisations that have supported them to date include Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, Birbeck University, Westfield Shopping Centre (Stratford), Novotel hotel (Greenwich) and Think big 02.

Academy Projects:

1)Inspire the Youth Summer programme (August 2013):

A range of training and development workshops which were selected and co-ordinated by the Academy steering group and held at the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust in Lewisham over a 2 week period. Workshops covered entrepreneurship, music, filming, employability skills,motivation.

2)Young, gifted & talented (October 2013/June 2014):

Musical showcases which were held at the Fashion Meets Music shop in Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford and at the Novotel hotel in Greenwich in June 2014 . These events aimed to raise awareness of the 2inspire Academy and the amazing performers who were under the age of 30 and are aspiring artists actively pursuing a career in music. The event has proved to be a great opportunity for them to get exposure and provides a positive platform for expression for the young people.

3)Ready, Set, Go:Prepare for success(August 2014):

Birkbeck, University of London hosted the 2inspire Academy event 'Ready, Set, Go', funded by Think Big with 02. The workshop was a great opportunity for freshers and students, to start the academic year with insight that motivated and inspired attendees.  The event was designed to give students a headstart and support young people with their career aspirations, while ensuring that they develop the necessary life-skills to excel whilst at university.It included
  •        A panel discussion with a panel of successful university students who have made university work for them.
  •         A presentation and Q & A session with representatives from top organisations, highlighting: tips and advice on employability after university, additional activities that companies look out for, advice on writing a winning graduate application/CV.
  •          A 'Preparation for Higher Education'session for attendees.
  •          A session that looked at managing your student finances run by MyBnk, titled "Uni Dosh".

4)Project “ I AM” which is targeted towards young parents. The project was devised to meet the needs of this group to ensure they address some of the issues they face and work towards positive goals for their families. The project will produce results in attendees life's in areas such as Family, Relationships, Health, Finance, Safety, Leisure, Work and More .

 Please spread the word and show your support by casting your vote on the link below:

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