Wednesday 9 April 2014

GUEST BLOG: E-Marketing - Creating real relationships with real people

Is Networking Important?

The world is changing.  Everyone is online, on Twitter and on Facebook.  The world is at our fingertips, we are a global society.  Even so, people still like to do business with people.  They like to see the whites in your eyes, as the saying goes.
A whopping 80% of jobs are landed through networking.  It’s the simple principle of “You never know who, you’ll meet and who they know”
It’s the same in business; people buy more through recommendations than through advertising. We trust our friends’ and families’ recommendations way over billboards or TV ads.

Imagine you meet someone at a networking event, make a great impression and connection?  Better still you find a way to help them?
Do you think that person will remember you and what you do? If you’re a photographer and the next time they meets someone who needs a photographer guess whose name comes to their mind?  You guessed it - Yours! 

That’s the power of Networking.  It’s not your well rehearsed elevator pitch, that you know so well that it sounds robotic.  It’s not shoving your business card in someone’s face without even taking the time to ask them about who they are.  It certainly is not droning on about your awesome company and the amazing product that’s changing people’s lives.  In fact it is simpler than all of the above.  The key to great networking is connecting with a person.  Finding out about them, being interested in them, rather than trying to be interesting. Why would you do that? Simply because no one is really interested in how special you are.  A person’s favourite subject is themselves.  The most used word in any language is I, Yo, Ich, Je Eu…….

The Fortune Is In The Follow Up
Have you heard that expression “The Fortune is in the follow up”? Well it’s 100% true.   When they say fortune they not only mean more business or sales, they mean a larger network.  It means more people that know who you are, what you do and if you’ve connected well with them, they’ll even advocate you.  That is priceless.  So don’t go home and add the cards you collected to the other pile of cards you already have.  Don’t ignore the people you met until you want something and suddenly remember them.  Connect with them at least 24hrs after the event.
The best reminder is a quick “great to meet you” text message on your way back to the office after the event.  If you can do something for the person you connected with (not necessarily business orientated) maybe some information that you know would be useful to them.  How would you know what was useful to them? Because when they were talking you were busy listening ;-)

And Then
Then comes you’re  e-marketing aka building the relationship.
E-marketing is a fantastic way to stay connected with your network as it grows.

I'm constantly hearing business owners say;

"I don't see the point in sending emails/e-marketing, besides I don't know how"

"I get lots of annoying emails and I don't want to be a nuisance"

"What on earth do I talk about in emails and I have enough to do anyway"

All good questions if you don’t understand what the real purpose of e-marketing is. It’s real purpose; build relationships, build trust and build a community of people who are interested and eager to know how you can serve them, all by taking one
simple action?

It's called e-marketing, but all it is really is sharing, communicating and connecting with people - people who already are, or may become your ideal customers.

It's not hard and it's not heavy.  In fact it's simple and straightforward.

If you’d like to know more about what to do you can take a look at my free 1o steps to e-marketing ease

But if you’d line to know “how” to do it I have an invitation for you.
I'd like to show you how you can make sense of e-marketing and make it work effectively in your business.

On Thursday 24th April, I'll be working with a group of hand-picked business owners to help them make sense of e-marketing, and I'm inviting you to join us.
If you’d like would to speak to me, call me on 07403398822 or email

Blessings & Prosperity  
Evette Franklin
Founder of launica Independent
Creating connections, collaborations and co-operation is how you Network With Ease:

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